Focumon! A gamified co-working/co-studying space on the internet

Focumon! is a gamified pomodoro or flow timer system where productivity becomes an adventure. Say hello to a more fun and engaging productivity routine!

The Third Time / Flow Time Protocol

Focumon embraces this protocol that boosts your productivity and reduces burn-outs. The gist of it is as follows:

Work for as long or as short as you like, until you want or need to break; then

Break for up to one-third of the time you've just worked.

Instead of half-working all day, it's better to work in focused stints, with breaks in between to recover. For example, after 15 minutes of dealing with emails, you could stop for up to 5 minutes. After an hour-long meeting, you can take a good 20-minute break. And if a task bores you after 3 minutes, you can even break then - but only for 1 minute! Breaks reward you for working, but proper breaks have to be earned.

Work stints can be any length; breaks are (up to) one-third of the time just worked

Third Time has many advantages over other techniques such as Pomodoro, but the key one is flexibility. It adapts to your attention span, energy, and schedule, as well as to other people and events. And Third Time isn't just for your day-job - it suits anything that needs focus or effort, such as studying, practicing an instrument, personal admin, writing, or fitness training:





Making Art

Learning and teaching


... and more!

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Focumon! is an indie project made by Milton Ren.

The graphics assets are provided by Yana.
100+ more original Focumon are planned to come in the future!